Capturing Your Greatest Moments and Memories!

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“Renting a photo booth is always a great choice for an event. Whether you’re hosting a fundraising event or a more intimate gathering, like a birthday party or wedding, the main goal is always to make for a memorable night. Having a photo booth present at the event makes that goal all too simple by giving your guests a fun little moment to capture a snapshot memory.” - Estelle Curran, Advocate for STEM Education

FotoGenic has been in business for 5 years! We love working with clients and their guest. Felipa Cespedes is our CEO and is consistently working on making your experience with our services!

We’re locally owned and travel all over Minnesota (sometimes Wisconsin/Iowa) capturing your greatest moments and memories.

Text or call us if you have questions: 612-460-5217.

We look forward to working with you to make this the best photo booth experience EVA!



is a ‘spanglish’ word!

We adore the word photogenic but wanted to add a Spanish twist!

Foto translates to picture in Spanish so we combined the two = FotoGenic!

Our photo booth attaindents make your guest feel comfortable even if they don’t think they’re “ FotoGenic”


We love

contributing excitement to events and have been capturing everlasting memories for the past 5 years!


We help

you choose a photo booth, personalize a custom design for the photo strips, pick out props, set up/tear down, have an attendant the day of the event and help make each picture perfect!


We print

each person in the picture their own printed strip - UNLIMITED PRINTS MEANS UNLIMITED PRINTS for everyone!


We are

Women owned and Spanish speaking company!

Companies we've worked with!

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