Twin Cities Wedding Association Member

Contributing fulfillment and joy to all events for everlasting memories for 3 years in a roll! Assisting guest with their personalized logo, picking out props & even helping them change their poses to make each picture perfect! What I love most is providing everyone in the photo a printed strip! Yes UNLIMITED PRINTS MEANS UNLIMITED PRINTS for everyone when you book FotoGenic MN.

We are a proud member of Twin Cities Wedding Association! 

October 22, 2017 will be our first  time participating in Wedding Fair at the Minneapolis Convention Center! Check us out Booth 907 (near the bar )

Why the name FotoGenic?

FotoGenic is a " spanglish " word. Foto translates to picture in Spanish. While photogenic is the proper English word; but I liked the idea of combining the two.


PhotoBooth Sensation ‚Äč

Questions? Text me @ 612-460-5217